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Our community aims at having a good time online, working together in teams and help newcomers.

Creative Solutions

The natural path for many of our employees are to take on responsible roles.


No task are too small, everything needs to be done to keep our farms running.

Short Community Overview

To get advantage of all benefits at Euro-Farm, everyone needs to become an employee. This path includes working as a apprentice for some time, letting the community to know you in person. When this stage is done you will become an employee and a full member of the community.

Employees will guide you

Our employees will guide you toward taking the step from apprentice into becoming a full member. Listen and learn as they usually have been around for a long time and knows how things works around our farms. Some of our employees have been around since 2009.

Climbing the ranks

As an employee you will gain experience and also climb the ranks accordingly. The management will notice how your progress is proceeding, and usually a promotion will be announced in specific time spans. Even though the community is built upon ranks and a hierarchy, everyone is met with respect and equality.

Team Members

Management and employees of Euro-Farm

Why Choose Us ?

We have been around since FS2009. We have experience about farming simulators and had a mental focus at teamwork even from the start of our era. This makes us a great choice if you are thinking about joining a farming simulator community. To be able to join our team you need to be at the age of 18+ as our average age are somewhat older.







Twitch streaming

We have a twitch streaming channel where all employees are allowed to stream through.

Other games

If you are interested in playing other games beside Farming Simulator, do it with us! We are a community, not a clan.


We like mods, but our goal is to have our servers available to everyone.



Reviews from our players

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